Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 4

In the holding tub while I changed out the pool bedding
Yoko and the pupsters are doing very well.  Yoko is more comfortable in the puppy pool now that I have been able to reduce the temperature a bit.  Newborn pups have only a limited ability to regulate their body temperature and chilled puppies are a key reason for failure to thrive.  I am thrilled that Yoko appears to have had no post-whelp complications, her body temperature has been norml, discharge is minimal, and she is proving to have excellent maternal instincts.  Yesterday was the first day of BioSensor early neurologic stimulation exercises.  More information at:  and   Most mom dogs, especially with the first litter, are concerned when they hear their pups squawking during BioSensor exercises.  However, Yoko was only minimally concerned, just watched and didn't even get up.  Yoko is probably the most relaxed new mama I have ever cared for, so calm and trusting.  The first few days, I only minimally handle the pups since it is stressful for them.  Day 1 of BioSensor is the first day I really get an opportunity to give the pups a thorough examination.  Everyone checked out fine, but I was surprised to find that 4 of the pups had white markings on their chests.  In addition the the Black boy, Green, Purple and Pink have a bit of white on their chests.  Although Lab fanciers would be disappointed to have so many pups with color faults, I am thrilled to have an additional method to tell some of these black girls apart.  Of course a little white on the chest will not make any difference regarding their successs as working dogs. 

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