Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 2

Mom and pups are doing great.  The small pups are nursing well and gaining weight.  The pups' umbilical cords have fallen off already and their little tails are starting to wag when they nurse.  Last night, I applied paint dabs on their rumps for identification since they are already outgrowing their hairband collars - stocky Lab necks.  One of the times I checked on them last night, I found all the pups spread out in the pool which means they were a bit too warm, so I dropped the temp in the house a couple of degrees. 

Yoko and 2-day old pups

Puppy pile, Orange girl showing off her paint marking

Pink girl on top

Pink girl again

Green girl on Yoko's foot

Green girl sleeping with her tongue out, a common occurrence with young pups.

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