Saturday, December 22, 2012

Into the big puppy pen

This morning, I moved the pups into the big puppy pen in the living room.  The pups made the move easily, and Yoko was totally unconcerned.   The small half gate at the entrance will need to get swapped out for a higher gate very soon.  We have already had some litterbox action.  I will be quickly adding more and more toys as the pups settle in.
After I moved the pups into the big pen, I gave them their first pan of soaked kibble and milk.  They attacked it with Labby gusto.  Yoko will be most relieved to get more assistance feeding the brood, I just checked and they already have a nice set of puppy teeth.  This view also nicely shows off their first set of real dog collars.  They grow up so fast.
  Things got a bit messy by the end. 

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