Saturday, December 8, 2012

Puppy names

I gave Yoko's program Paws With Purpose the honor of naming the litter.  They decided on a Beatles theme, and the PWP inmate trainers at Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women came up with a list of names.  The challenge was coming up with 7 female names.

Blue - Sgt. "Pepper"
Black - "Ringo" Starr (he has a white "star" on his chest)

Pink - "Lucy" in the sky with diamonds (she has a small white "diamond" mark on her chest)
Purple - "Penny" Lane
Orange - "Michelle", ma belle
Green - "Abbey" Road
Yellow - "Ellie" Eleanor Rigby
Red (formerly pink/white) - Lovely "Rita"
White (formerly purple/white) - "Maggie" Mae

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