Monday, December 17, 2012

Busy pupsters

On Saturday, Yoko and the pups had visitors from Paws With Purpose - lots of excitement all around.  The pups have been busy exploring their new pen and taking in the sights with their newly opening eyes.  Lots of walking practice, a few attempts at mouth wrestling with each other, and even some successful solo trips down to the litter box.  If we are with the pups when they wake up or after feeding, we are putting them into the litter box, but some are actually going down there on their own already - good puppies!  I am leaving the toileting area a bit dirty/scented to help them find their way.  They are being very good about keeping their bed area clean, less success in the space between the bed and litter box.  On Saturday, the pups had their first taste of canned food and all gave a paws up approval.   They finished up the first can today.  Currently, we are handfeeding 1 tsp three times a day per pup, and will be gradually increase the amount per serving, working up to prepare the pups for kibble and milk this weekend.  Yoko is eating 8 cup kibble per day, making lots of milk, but requiring some serious coaxing to go into the pen and let the pups nurse.  A number of my mama dogs have done that at this age, and then improve as the pups get bigger. 

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