Saturday, January 26, 2013

Catching up

As often when big litters get older, I have been too busy to blog.  The pups are thriving and have started to leave.  Yoko's program took Yoko and 4 pups (Ringo, Rita, Penny and Abbey) last weekend with intent to keep the pups together for at least another week.  That was a huge help to me, since feeding, cleaning up after, and entertaining 90+ lbs of puppy was getting to be a challenge, especially in January.  Plus the pups will benefit from more individual attention and Yoko can get back to her normal routine.  Just today, Michelle flew out courtesy of Puppies in Flight, being lovingly escorted by a US Airways volunteer to join Service Dogs of Virgina.  The others should be leaving next week - two are still waiting for Puppies in Flight arrangments. 

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