Thursday, January 10, 2013

6 weeks old

The pups are developing into engaging, adorable pups.  This litter has been exceptionally mellow, quiet and civil, which is making raising them so much easier.  Winter litters are always more challenging since the pups can't be outside as much.   The pups gained another 1 1/2 lbs last week.  Rita and Penny are the little pups at 7 lbs 9 oz.  Maggie continues to be the big girl at 8 lbs 9 oz.  Most of the pups weigh approximately 8 lbs.  I am in the process of weaning the pups.  Yoko is down to 6 c of food, no more lunch.  The pups are currently eating 1 cup of kibble each per day, divided into 4 meals.  We just started "crate training", i.e., feeding the pups in small plastic crates.  After just the first crate training session, but pups had the new routine figured out and were hanging around the crates at the next meal time.  The pups crave human attention and it is pleasure to sit in the pen and get mobbed by these sweet pups.  We are getting them out of the pen as much as possible.  They have had multiple adventures outside, playing in the snow and running around the yard.  I am very pleased how confident the pups are with new experiences. 

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